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Guitars and Bass Guitars

Featured here are photos of my toolbox of vintage and contemporary electric, acoustic and bass guitars. Among the electrics are an 80's polyphonic guitar synth, a solid body with both single coil and double coil pick-ups, a semi-hollow with single coils, a semi hollow with double coils, a vintage electric 12-string, a vintage hollow body with big single coils, and an odd little acoustic/electric I use for performing. Among the basses are a semi-hollow fretless, a vintage semi-hollow, a typical solid body, and a six-string baritone guitar. Among the acoustics are a vintage archtop, a brass body resonator guitar, a Macaferri copy, a baritone, a vintage 12 string, small body and large body flat-tops, and a Spanish classical. Finally pictured is a Weissenborn-style acoustic lap steel and a baroque reproduction with 5 double courses of gut strings.

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