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Drums and Percussion

We begin with a collection of rattles and shakers: an Oneida Iroquois rattle made from a cow's horn, a Hopi gourd rattle, two Peruvian gourd rattles, then at the top two different seed rattles from South America, and finally a goat-toe rattle worn around the ankle while dancing. The next photo features a pair of Australian Aboriginal boomerangs used as clappers for percussion, followed by a pair of Aboriginal mulga-wood clapsticks. The next photo shows an ntenga drum from Uganda, a gorgeous sounding tympani type hand drum made from cowhide with a bit of the animal's heart inside. Then follows a cahon, a South American wooden drum that evolved from drawer pulled from a dresser, this one I built as a chair to save space. Next is a set of angklungs (tuned bamboo percussion) from Indonesia. The last is a bass kalimba or thumb piano that I built from a large cookie tin and the tines from a rake.

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