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A Mended Soul

In 2009 I produced and recorded a band called Orange Free State, the nucleus of which was comprised of two very talented brothers Vian and Hein Zaayman who attended Fairview High School here in Boulder.  Vian, the older of the two, was also very hungry for knowledge about audio engineering so I mentored him as we went along, demonstrating and explaining what I was up to.
Vian went on to Belmont College, a music oriented school in the heart of Nashville, to continue his studies in music, music business, and audio engineering. After graduation he opened his own studio, and started his own record label Vohnic Records.    
Fast forward four years and Vian (now Vian Isak) has cracked the code of gleaning income in the world of streaming in the modern music business, with his label encompassing a stable of numerous different artists and boasting over 30 million streams in 2017 alone. He also hired his brother Hein for help in keeping the boat afloat.

A couple of months ago Vian called to explain that some of the most popular playlists on Spotify consisted of instrumental music. Since he had no such music on his label thus far he wondered if I might want to release a recording on his label, and I said “of course, why not”!

Thus was born my first solo album since 1985: A Mended Soul.
Seven solo guitar pieces composed over the course of the last 40 years. You can hear it here:

The promotion for the release also spawned a gorgeous new website designed by my beautiful and talented wife Susan which can be seen here:

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