Music Producer & Composer

Three Grammys, hundreds of instruments, millions of ideas...


References and Testimonials

"The artist and the producer have to be team players. When you work with someone with a like mind like Tom , he completes the team. He has a sensibility and a sensitivity to an artist and their needs. And, he's a nice guy, easy to work with. He also plays so many instruments he's like a one-man-band."
Mary Youngblood, two-time Grammy-winning recording artist

“If traditional players ever seek to lift their music up out of antiquity and lend it modern resonance, they should just go to producer and multi-instrumentalist Tom Wasinger.”
John Diliberto, Echos on NPR

“Tom is definitely one-of-a-kind. He works with a palette of sounds unlike anybody else out there and he uses them very tastefully. But he’s not just being exotic or different for the sake of being different, he makes it fit.”
James Marienthal, Silver Wave Records

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