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Tube Amplifiers

Here is a collection of vintage and contemporary electric guitar and bass tube amplifiers, each with different tube configurations as well as different potential speaker options. I love tubes, the electronics of the last century had such simplicity and 50's sci-fi naivete, they didn't even bother to put ground pins on the plugs of these potentially dangerous circuits. Still, even with all of our modeling technology we're unable to produce anything that truly sounds like these wonderful beasts.

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  1. I compare this to the CD vs. LP quality of sound. I, as most people abandoned albums after the CD became the prominent format.
    I have a very large vinyl collection, that I had not even looked at in 25 years.
    A while back I discovered & purchased a turntable that has a built in pre-amp. I ran it directly into the powered monitors I have in my modest home studio. While comparing the same CD to a clean vinyl copy, my preference became clear. Newer technology doesn't necessarily.equate to better sound.

    Roger Harrison