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Boulder, Colorado boasts one of the world's best mastering facilities...Airshow Mastering. So if you want to make the best sounding recording possible, you might want to consider letting them get their hands on it, and they're great folks as well.

My favorite pro-audio dealer is Wind Over the Earth. You won't find a better deal anywhere and they take good care of you.

Many musical instrument shops are run by frustrated musicians who've grown older and jaded and cynical, but not Robb's Boulder Music. They are young, enthusiastic, they love music and sound, and they carry many wonderful instruments and gadgets that can be used to create it.

Grace Design makes the world's best (in my opinion) microphone preamps and other wonderful gadgets for recording sound. I use nothing else. Since microphones and mic preamps are probably the most important components in the signal path if you're trying to record sound, you might want to consider checking them out.

In the software recording world some of my favorite plug-ins are from Steven Massey. Beautiful sounding compressors/limiters and EQ's.

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