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Discography (including links to samples/downloads)

To hear audio samples of personal work:
To purchase many of these titles (and hear audio samples) go to: SilverWave Records
Additional audio samples and downloads are available from : iTunes, emusic, and Rhapsody.


The World Sings Goodnight (Silver Wave, 1993)
International lullabies sung by 33 different singers.

The World Sings Goodnight 2 (Silver Wave, 1995)
A sequel to the above.

Matriarch Joanne Shenandoah (Silver Wave, 1996)
Iroquois women’s songs. Winner: Indie Award 1997.

Under the Green Corn Moon (Silver Wave, 1998)
Native American lullabies sung by 17 different singers.
Winner: American Library Association Award 1999.

Orenda Joanne Shenandoah and Lawrence Laughing
(Silver Wave, 1998) Traditional Native American songs.
Winner:Nammy Award 1999.

Call it What it Is Lee Nestor (Move/Polygram, 1999)
Mainstream rock.

Heart of the World Mary Youngblood (Silver Wave,
1999) Contemporary Native American flute compositions.
Winner:Indie Award 2000, Nammy Award 2000, Award 2000, New Age Voice Award 2000. 

Peacemaker’s Journey Joanne Shenandoah
(Silver Wave, 2000) Contemporary Native American
compositions. Grammy nominee 2000, Winner: Indie
Award 2001, two Nammy Awards 2001 including
“Best Producer”.

The Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor Tito La
Rosa (Silver Wave, 2001) Contemporary Peruvian compositions,
with guest artist Mary Youngblood.

Eagle Cries Joanne Shenandoah (Paras/Red Feather,
2001) Folk/Rock, with guest artists
Neil Young, Bill Miller and Bruce Cockburn.

Beneath the Raven Moon Mary Youngblood
(Silver Wave, 2002) Contemporary Native American
Flute Compositions. Winner: Grammy Award 2003,
Indie Award 2003.

Sisters Maisie Shenandoah and Elizabeth Robert
(Silver Wave, 2003) Oneida Iroquois Hymns with guest
artist Joanne Shenandoah. 

Feed the Fire Mary Youngblood
(Silver Wave, 2004) Contemporary Native American
Flute Compositions. With guest artist Ian Anderson.
Grammy nominee 2005, Winner: Nammy award 2005
for “Best Producer”

Sky Woman Joanne Shenandoah (Silver Wave, 2005)
Orchestral compostitions based on Native American

Dance with the Wind Mary Youngblood (Silver Wave,
2006) Contemporary Native American Flute
Compositions. Winner: Grammy Award 2007

Horizons Andy Schiller (Omega 13, 2007)
Contemporary classical guitar

Come to Me Great Mystery (Silver Wave, 2008)
Various artists singing traditional Native American songs. 
Winner: Grammy Award 2009 

Earth Gift Kevin Locke (Ixtlan Recording Consortium, 2008)
traditional Native American songs. Winner: Nammy award 2009
for "Record of the Year"

I Believe Khalid Ghayur(Move, 2009)
Pakistani pop/dance music

A Volta Johnny O (Johnny O Band Publishing, 2009)
Brazilian Jazz

Brighter Days Coming Orange Free State (Vohnic, 2010)

Watch for Wildlife Watch for Wildlife (2011)
Psychedelic Rock

Open Your Heart Mark Thunderwolf (Ancient Winds, 2011)
Contemporary Native American flute compositions

Something I've Been Missing Anna Lisa Hughes (2011)
Blues, Rock, Latin Jazz

Lifegivers Joanne Shenandoah (2011)
Contemporary Native American vocal compositions

Long Story Short Sarah Kelton (2012)
Folk, Country, Pop

Keeper of the Dreams  Red Feather Woman (2013)
Contemporary Native American stories and vocal compositions 

Do It Don't Do It  Khalid Ghayur (Move, 2013)
Pakistani pop/dance music 

The Original Essence  Peruquois ((2014)
World Music

Sedna's Prayer  Visudha del los Santos (2014)
Contemplative sounds of gongs & resonating bowls

For You  Alan Zacharais (2014)

SoMAntra  Scott & Shanti Medina (2014)
Kirtan chanting meets trance African drumming

Praise for the Morning  Karen Alley (2016)
solo hammered dulcimer

Between the Lines  Five51 (2017)


Paradox Found Tom Wasinger (Myth Informed,
1985) Vocal compositions

Rock Music Tom Wasinger (Invincible, 1989) Music
composed from the sounds of resonating stones

Track to Bumbliwa Tom Wasinger and James Harvey
(Silver Wave, 1991) Compositions in collaboration with
the Australian Aboriginals

Many Moons Tom and Susan Wasinger (Silver Wave,
1995) Vocal compositions

Angels in the Wilderness Tom and Susan Wasinger
(Myth Informed/Silver Wave, 2007) Vocal compositions

A Mended Soul  Tom Wasinger (Vohnic, 2017)
Solo guitar compositions

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